US Treasury Secretary warns of recession

Secretary of the United States Treasury, Janet YellenHe said he expects growth to slow.

Yellen He made the remarks on the ABC television show “This Week” just days after the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rates.

Rapid inflation and problems in the supply chain, exacerbated by Russian action in Ukraine, have increased consumer distrust.

In an interview with ABC News ‘This Week’ published this Sunday, Yellen acknowledged that he had been asked about rising inflation and the inevitable recession facing the United States. Inflation was “unacceptably high” It is also part of the energy and food prices caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

However, expect Inflation rate This will probably decrease in the coming months, but he notes that “there are many uncertainties regarding world events.”

Yellen, however, acknowledged that the attempt to “punish” Russia for military action in Ukraine has some side effects on the US economy.

“We have teamed up with our partners in the desire to take the necessary action […] Russia should be punished for what it does in Ukraine, and we have some side effects, “said the Treasury Secretary

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