After Clearmond's victory over Judicial Congregation, Racing 92:

The winner of the Judicial Concoride, Claremont Third Rank, Racing 92 this Sunday (26-17): “It’s a big fight in a complicated situation. We knew it would be played in the end. The first half was complicated and the racing hit our mistakes. We tell ourselves not to panic. If we accelerate, we know it will be complicated for them. We know when to take it and when to send it back. We checked it on the calendar.

Marvin O’Connor (Clermont Winger): “In the first half, we played too much, we surrendered to our camp, played the perfect match from the racing house. They waited for us to defend and put us under pressure. We thought they were in the game, but we tried to make it very difficult for them in their camp. “

Jonah Gibbs (Clermont coach): “The positive thing is that we were consistent in the second half. We handled the first one badly, but the locker room was quiet. We clarified the important things in the second half. I congratulate the players who were strong. It paid off in the end. , It’s not an x ​​factor, it’s a given compound. “


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