Parrot: A cute, energetic, and strong animal that is ideal for those who have little experience with parrots

If you are looking for a small pet with a big heart, a parrot is definitely a great choice.

the parrotsor wavy parrots, lively and affectionate, and if given proper care and enough attention, they will thrive and thrive. They are great companions for the elderly and families. These birds belong to the family Psittacidae. Some of them belong to the subfamily Arenaincluding macaws with golden feathers.

Parrot: characteristics, age and origin

Parrots are nativeAustraliabut they can also come from From South America and Asia. Extinct now Carolina parrot With beautiful green, yellow and orange plumage, it was one of the rare species to live in the United States.

These are basically birds Small and medium sized parrots. They are agile, with long tails, and are mostly carnivores. for them feathers It is far from simple and it often is Shimmering in shades of green, blue, yellow or orange.

Some species have been bred Fantastic and unusual colorsLike an albino. a Albino It is not just a white bird, but one that lacks the normal amount of pigmentation and often has pink eyes. Male and female parrots They can be distinguished by the color of the cere, which is the spot at the top of the upper beak. The color of the female is light brown and the male’s is blue.

One way to understand The age of the parrot It has black stripes on its head. Younger birds have more stripes on their crests, while older parrots have a solid colored head, usually yellow or white.

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How do we treat them?

These birds are famous for being Sociable, affectionate, monogamous and playful. They can form Flocks of hundreds of thousands of birds They fly from their areas to places where food is abundant. Many of these wild birds are not at all shy of humans and will perch on a person’s head or take food out of their hands with ease.

It is also known to produce great variety of sounds, Although it is surprisingly silent when feeding. However, when perched or flying, parrots can be noisy and make sounds like Squeals, whoops, whistles, hisses, laughter and honks. Parrots are able to imitate human speech.

What do you know about parrots?

there cage The parrot must be kept scrupulously clean and the water changed daily. He should also be given the right foods, which include a variety of foods Seeds, fruits and green leafy vegetables And sometimes treats.

Parrots also benefit from being allowed out of their cage occasionally to fly around. It is important for the owner to be extra careful and give them toys to play with.


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