A message to Santa Claus from a worker in Alitalia: Let those responsible for the collapse pay

by Alessandra Gazzolo

Dear Santa Claus,

Incredibly, Christmas is coming again this year. What sure? How do you do without it? Therefore, since it is difficult for me at this point to believe in anything else, I decided to start from scratch and entrust my orders to you, which upon closer inspection are not even that expensive.

The first is: Get me out of this box! More than a layoff I can define as a breakup box, a “wooden dress” (is this code also used in Lapland?) in which they locked me in while I was still alive. Where there is no air, and where you do not know what the end will be, where they have imprisoned you almost as punishment, with all due respect to the detractors, who, even if they do not know what life you have lived, feel worthy of that judge. I can enjoy the paid respite in peace, but Connie doesn’t suit meI’m used to earning my bread.

The second order is more complex, maybe if you can’t meet all of that next year, I’m confident in the years to come: Make those responsible for this collapse pay, each based on the degree of responsibility. Politicians, who have sold their money and continue to sell our country abroad, orbs and pessimists, do not (or do not care) about it, for example only by giving our airspace and our airports to the Irish driver or someone for him, paid anyway (because he gets paid fee for airport “service”); But in return the wealth returns to Ireland and we become a third world country, with essential services in the hands of a foreign glutton. It is no coincidence that other countries (lowercase and uppercase are never random) They did not allow the invasion Their huge corporations have been kept.

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Politicians, as I have said, but also their minor sons, unionists, whose work must be the protection of the rights of all workers and above all jobs, but the only rights and jobs which surely preserve they have them.

Finally, don’t forget the managers, the great managers who followed and continued to follow each other. Everyone widened the hole: No one paid for the damages, they took the money (a lot) goodbye. More than the managers, I would say they know it and know Director.

The last request, in order of priority, but will be the most urgent in chronological order: this Christmas, if possible, throughout 2022, It avoids having to respond to the inquisitive and the grotesque. Let this little message of mine, which I invite you to spread to united networks, suffice them not to stop and look at the bloodstains on the other road, to avoid useless traffic jams and safe insults on my part. warn a man…


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