Laporta está muy enfadado con el presidente de LaLiga por sus últimas palabras. EFE

The situation between FC Barcelona and La Liga is not entirely idyllic. The intersection of Javier Tebas, president of the federation, and Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona far, Blame newly.

Tebas said Barcelona could not sign Lewandowski. “I don’t know if he will sell De Jong, Pedri or Bebeto Perez,” the La Liga president said at an event organized by Europa Press. Laporta did not take long to respond: “With his statements, he is detrimental to Barcelona’s interests.” And boy did it.

The Mundo Deportivo reveals that upon hearing Tebas question the possibility of signing Lewandowski, Joan Laporta received a call from Benny Zahavi, Agent “killer”. The actor directly asked him what happened and whether it was true.

Transfer of Beni Zahavi to La Porta Lewandowski worried. The Pole had doubts and even wondered if everything he was doing would help him go to the Camp Nou.

The Catalan newspaper says that when he received that call, Laporta had not seen Tebas say those words, because he was in a meeting with the board of directors. He had to come out to attend Benny Zahavi and pause for a moment at the summit held in La Jonquera.

Chief culé, as soon as he found out what was going on, Benny reassured Zahavi and asked him to convey calm to Lewandowski. The relationship between the striker’s agent and the Barcelona president is constant. In fact, another call surfaced recently in which Laporta thanked Benny Zahavi for publicly putting pressure on the Bayern player to end up at FC Barcelona.

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