disappeared into the air Mr. Peto is a well-known YouTuber with around 480K followers. The alarm was triggered by the plea of ​​his sister, who stated in a video: “Ciro left home about 5 days ago, and has never returned from there. Ciro hasn’t been home for a week. He went down to take some medicine for my sister who was not feeling well, being pregnant, and she didn’t come back from there.”

Many of his fans who haven’t seen him active on social media are also worried. “If you have any problems, you know your family is always here with you – his sister-turned-back-Ciro said – his last video was released only 48 hours ago, and this video was recorded about a week ago, I uploaded it, I made Uploading weekly videos for a long time now. I was hoping things would get sorted out and I tried to maintain the independence of the channel as if nothing had happened, but it’s time to make this complaint to all of you.”

At the end of the video, he said, “We will report any report to the police if we understand that this is the case, or simply something happened that resulted in this escape.” Finally, appeal to followers to attend in case you meet him.

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