In Jersey, France threatens to impose a new naval blockade-

Tensions persist between France and the United Kingdom On the subject of navigation and fishing in the waters of the English Channel. So much so that the French threaten a Naval blockade of Saint Helier, the main port of JerseyThe government speculates that the electricity supply will be cut off. The island is accused of being British influence but independent, of not renewing licenses, considered appropriate, for 75 French fishing boats.

Jersey fishing licenses

Agreement between the European Union and Great Britain

, reached last May, stipulates that any vessel fishing in the island’s waters in order to obtain a license At least eleven days in the previous three years. In fact, the Jersey government responded to the allegations by saying that those 75 applications had been rejected because they did not meet the requirements. Either they did not work in the relevant period or they could not prove their activity. These ships were given 30 days notice of termination of agreements temporarily, after which they will no longer be able to enter Jersey waters. Ian Gorst, the island’s foreign minister, specified that in addition to the 47 already arranged in the past, 95 French boat permits were granted: 64 indefinite and 31 temporary.

London government

But this is not the only front on which the clash is taking place. The London government signed, among 47 applications from France, on Tuesday 28 September Twelve licenses only for small ships, allowing them to fish six to twelve miles off the English coast. Paris, however, replies by saying that Submissions will actually be 87 He appears to have asked the European Commission to judge Great Britain’s behaviour. I want the licenses back – said the French Minister of the Sea, Annick Girardin -. The British want to divide us with this decision, which comes after months of discussions. We have provided all the necessary information, and transferred all the required data. The new football from the British is evidence of their unwillingness to fulfill their obligations. I now appeal to European solidarity to act to rebalance our relations with our British neighbours.

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While an EU spokesman announces that Brussels will request More transparency for the British authorities And insisting on accepting all license requests, the first signs of revenge arrive from Paris: during the winter The UK imports electricity from FranceThus, by reducing inventory, many sectors such as trade and transportation will suffer the consequences. The island of Jersey, 22 km from the French coast and much further from the English coast, can be exposed to the danger of complete blackouts. We are aware of the fact that sentiment is running high in the fishing community in northern France – Gorst commented – and I hope there will be no naval blockade; But we are not naive to admit that we really need to work together to reduce fears and make progress, because it remains a possibility.


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