“Urine, feces and bleach in the canteen food, sick children,” handcuffed doorman

He is accused of contaminating school cafeteria food in New Jersey with saliva, urine, feces and bleach: for this reason, the 25-year-old Giovanni Impelzieria janitor at Elizabeth Moore School in the Upper Deerfield School District, will now have to defend himself against charges of aggravated assault, dangerous conduct toward minors and food tampering.

The school authorities took action last week, thanks to a tip-off that brought to their attention content uploaded to social media by the same person responsible: in one of these performances, Impellizzieri performed Sexual acts “inanimate things” Inside the canteen. According to what investigators reported, the cleaning worker contaminated the food in the children’s cafeteria with bodily fluids such as saliva, urine, and even I did. The 25-year-old also replaced the brine of some cucumbers with bleach, with the apparent intention of targeting young school students. In one video analyzed by police, Impellizzeri allegedly used bread to perform sexual acts and, after spitting it out, made it available to everyone in the school cafeteria.

The children’s parents are clearly in shock, saying they are worried about the consequences for their lives health From their children.“Kids get sick, they get diarrhea, they vomit, and we blame it on an intestinal virus when in reality it could be hepatitis, or it could be food poisoning.”commented Christencia Jenkins, the mother of a student at Elizabeth Moore School, according to what she reported woman.

“I had absolutely no idea what was going on, nothing at all.”Natalie Schmidt told NBC15. “I am crazy now”he added, “Now I have to take my son and have him do some full medical tests because I have absolutely no idea what he has eaten.”

At the moment, Impelzieri is still in hospital, so we are waiting for his resignation to be submitted against him: we are now taking steps to take samples from him to evaluate whether he has some diseases that could be transmitted to him.

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According to the Cumberland County Prosecutor, the 25-year-old had been working at the school since September 2019: Investigators are working to try to understand when all this mess happened.

Meanwhile, angry parents of the children filed a petition to fire the school official. “At this time, parents of students and others who may have eaten contaminated food should contact their doctor if they show signs of illness, especially serious illness.”The Ministry of Health said.


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