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Hundreds of thousands took part in the 30th Street Parade in Zurich. No accidents have been reported yet. Police were present, the center was closed to traffic, and public transportation was very limited. By 5 pm, the medical services had already performed about a hundred operations on about 390 people for cuts, insect bites, bruises and excessive alcohol intake.

For the first time in the event’s 30-year history, the federation’s president also appeared. “The party is well organized, especially in terms of security,” said Alain Berset At SRF, before hopping on one of the 29 “lovemobiles,” a blazing techno music perch that’s been rolling along Utoquai since 2 p.m.

The weather wasn’t ideal, with some passing rain, but that didn’t seem to discourage the crowd along the two-kilometre route. And we’re waiting for more granular indications around participation, but it’s clearly been consistent. Last year, thanks to perfect weather, there were 900,000 participants from all over Switzerland and beyond.

Saturday Newspaper 08/12/2023

The event officially ends at midnight, but the festivities continue until dawn in various clubs in the city.

This year the organizers put a great emphasis on environmental sustainability.

“We want a clean parade, not a flood of fliers on the ground,” Joel Meyer, president of the Street Parade Association, said on the eve of the day. In addition to banning flyers, the committee decided to impose a two-franc deposit on drinks to guarantee the return of cups and other containers. As in previous years, all waste will be sorted and recycled. Glass assembly teams will always be on site. However, the organizers would like to point out that it is best not to bring glass containers.

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The Street Parade in Zurich is the largest techno party in the world. Apart from the disruptions caused by covid, it has been held every year since 1992.

30 years of Street Parade

News 12:30 on Sat 12.08.2023

Requiem for the DJ

The street procession also entered the church. Indeed, on Saturday morning, shortly before the start of the festivities, the Wasserkirche in Zurich hosted an interfaith celebration to the beat of techno, with two DJs instead of an organist. According to Christophe Siegrist, reformed pastor, dance and music are among the most important forms of spiritual expression.

The union of these two seemingly distant worlds impressed the participants, who saw it as a worthy opening for the Zurich event.

Blessed Street Parade

TG 20 on Saturday 12.08.2023



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