Ora la Russia dice di volerne parlare

Monday, in the context Investigations Conducted by the Attorney General of New York on potential financial crimes of the Trump Organization, the company of former US President Donald Trump, a message For Trump Accounting Firm, Mazars USA: In the letter, the company declares that, given the results of the investigation, financial statements published between 2011 and 2020 by the Trump Organization and compiled by Mazars itself cannot be considered reliable.

In fact, the audit firm asserts that the reports do not contain “material inconsistencies”, but due to “the circumstances” they are no longer reliable: the documents were compiled on the basis of what was declared by the Trump Organization, and the investigations in New York (as well as an internal investigation into Mazars itself) reveal more and more. Evidence that Trump would have inflated the value of his holdings for various economic benefits, including low-term loans and tax benefits. Mazars then cut off his relationship with the Trump family, in addition to his relationship with them invited To withdraw the data contained in those documents.

The financial statements in question are the focus of two investigations into tax crimes against the Trump Organization: one by Manhattan Attorney General Cyrus Vance and the other by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has long been trying to question former President Trump. and his daughter Ivanka regarding the allegations at the center of the investigation. theThe Trump Corporation is accused of manipulating the value of its property and other assets to obtain favorable loans and tax breaks. Among the possible charges that can come up there is a charge of fraud.

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