Strange Test from Heaven: Origins of Final Fantasy: Nanar in Power

Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy It is a new installment in the Final Fantasy saga. But it is unlikely that he will leave a good memory in the minds of the masses …

Mess, chaos, chaos… In Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final FantasyJack, the hero, just that word in his mouth. It’s simple, he does absolutely everything that he hates. Absent charisma, a coarse side that makes him stupid, toxic masculinity, obsessive obsession, love for flowery language, inability to do anything but fight … At the beginning of the adventure he is accompanied by two friends who, oddly enough, are never bothered by his behaviour. The trio takes on the appearance of a boy squad, but a boy squad is tasked with fighting the forces of evil.

Developed by Team Ninja, the studio we owe for example Nioh And the Nioh 2 (two titles inspired by the Dark Souls trilogy), Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy Nothing like the classic Final Fantasy game. It’s a casual, action-oriented work with a satirical dimension that sometimes turns out to be very embarrassing. when we play Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final FantasyYou never know if its creators are 100% serious or if they take full responsibility for everything that makes the experience ridiculous. Admire, for example, the quality of this scene as a prelude to a fight that is supposed to be Dantesque:

Graphically ugly game


Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy Available March 18th on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

First contact with Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy Done from pain. Even on Sony’s PlayStation 5, Action-RPG never manages to look pretty. In all honesty, if we told you it’s been available on PlayStation 3, two generations ago, you’d believe it without batting an eyelid. Besides the disappointing visual presentation, visibility is above all a real problem: everything is dark and sometimes difficult to distinguish clearly between the enemies we are pressing. In addition to this flaw in the gameplay, there are some weird technical annoyances that just don’t warrant it. Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy.

The second connection is no more positive: from the first lines of dialogue we understand that we will have to activate the second or even third degree to absorb what we are reading or what we are listening. Basically, all the characters are cartoons involved in a huge farce. Jack is the perfect symbol for this: when the other Final Fantasy heroes are androgynous archetypes, he takes the opposite view by being ruthless and ready-made. The cast fits a story that gets hilarious at the slightest change. For example, if you start the game with a team of three heroes, it will actually take four to save the world according to the prophecy. A ten-year-old might imagine developing more intelligently.

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“Did you forget her? I love fighting.”

Jack, héros de Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

In terms of immersion and participation, Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy It requires a great deal of indulgence. It looks like Nanar – a movie that is underappreciated by the majority of spectators, but adored by a handful of people. It could be a guilty pleasure (the eternal excuse to justify his love for a failed production). The truth is that even this funny side of the RPG struggles to hold up over time. After about ten hours, we ended up disturbed to see the heroes exaggerating the slightest scene and exchanging written sentences without any finesse. Perhaps the self-mockery should have been more obvious.

Hello chaos. // Source: PS5 screenshot

Here are some examples of sentences that make you want to laugh :

  • « We are warriors of light, warriors of prophecy! »;
  • « He was still wearing gorgeous armor, but a frightening mask covered his face. »;
  • « Darkness, monsters, this despair that gnaws at people’s hearts »;
  • « The four warriors were frightened by the heavy task before them. »;
  • « The wind rises, the flames ignite with bright flames, and the fertile land fills the air with a pleasant aroma. »;
  • « Princess Sarah’s smile, as serene as moonlight, and Princess Mia’s smile, gleaming like sunlight, greatly support their subjects. ».
I've never played a game like Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
The character is looking for solace in a book. // Source: PS5 screenshot

Fortunately, there is a way to play

Let’s admit that you ignore the graphics of another time. Let’s admit that you close your eyes to the narrative of demeaning satire. You will then discover a globally successful gameplay. At this point, we feel that Team Ninja has better control over its subject matter. Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy Look forward to both Dark Souls (or Niohs) and more frenetic action games. The result is a somewhat lopsided, but enjoyable fight, with plenty of room to progress.

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Furthermore it, Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy Innovates in character development. Instead of falling into the “I earn levels to unlock skills” scheme, the RPG is based on the class system. Warrior, thief, wizard…: You can move from one to the other to increase their ranks, get new powers and, eventually, access to more exotic classes (eg: Dark Knight). This element forces us to experiment and diversify until we find the formula that best suits our preferences. In terms of diversity and possibilities, Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy shines. It is the beacon on a dark night.

I've never played a game like Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
Booty… or… not… // Source: Capture PS5

The power of Jack – and his cohorts – also passes through the device. Throughout the game, we pick up uglyly designed weapons and armor to be more effective than ever – and uglier than ever. At this point, the game becomes redundant and we spend a very long time in inventory changing costumes. Some will appreciate this high degree of customization. We still see a small flaw that breaks the tempo of the various missions to accomplish let’s see the end. However, it is a necessary evil to meet the challenge that is only increasing. And to defeat all the bosses, it is better to be well armed.

I've never played a game like Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
Hand in hand ready to fight the chaos. // Source: PS5 screenshot

Team Ninja didn’t have a light hand in RPG content either: count a good fifteen hours to complete the main adventure, and much more if you intend to complete secondary objectives. On the condition of the show, let’s remember, it’s too lenient to agree to give plenty of time to an experimenter who spends her time making fun of the world.

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You have to swallow snakes to immerse yourself in them Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy, a type of nanar video game taken from a cult saga. Studio Team Ninja presents an action-oriented adventure that is paralyzed with absurd storytelling, treacherous design, and horrific graphics. The failure was so great that it’s hard not to be considered a pure parody, likely to tarnish the image of the Final Fantasy brand.
But when you scratch a little, Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy It has gameplay that is far from missing, combining exhilarating encounters and a well-thought-out progression system. However, these rare qualities are not enough to accept everything else. Courage and tolerance – lPublisher Square Enix will also need it.

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