ARK: The second part of Genesis live

In the cover image, you can see the launch trailer for Genesis Part 2, which was also recently released. Source: Studio Wildcard

It took so long, the delays seemed like a never ending saga for waiting ARK fans. The second part of Genesis was supposed to appear yesterday, but several problems caused delay after delay – after several delays before.

Sound annoying? It was safe to wait to start playing and try out new content on the date mentioned by Studio Wildcard. The second part of the Genesis expansion presents the last major expansion that has been available on PC for a few minutes now.

It appears that issues on Steam as well as on the Epic Games Store that prevented activation previously have been resolved. More and more players are reporting that they can start the download and that the update is working. Chief Community Manager Cedrik Burkes also kept ARK fans updated via Twitter.

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We wish you a lot of fun in Genesis Part Two! Enjoy the new content with our hopefully stable servers and technical infrastructure If you should continue to experience technical issues with Genesis Part 2, the best thing to do first is to check out the official Studio Wildcard Twitter account for ARK: Survival Evolved:

You can find a lot of information about ARK here:

ARK: Survival Evolved

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