Sheila and her marriage to Ringo: her

A famous singer who has sold millions of recordings, Sheila has a six-decade long career behind! Therefore, it is inevitable that she has faced ups and downs both professionally and personally. At the height of her fame, she married Ringo. You remember the day of the party, everything went.

in a 6 at home, Sheila came to promote her new record – which especially features a song tribute to her late son, Ludovic Chancell – and apparently looked in the rearview mirror. Reviewing the photos of her marriage to Ringo in February 1973, the star commented on the event that unfortunately did not leave her good memories, on the contrary! “It is terrible. It was one of the most dramatic days of my life. I had prepared the church, laid the flowers … I’m a romantic. Nobody knows about that. There was nothing. Namely, Anne Marie Besson [ancienne speakerine et journaliste, NDLR] Announced it on RTL early in the morningInformation voluntarily leaked, she recalls, her former producer Claude Carrier … at the time, she had already been hit in a shovel with School is overAnd You guys, I will never forget youAnd A mean little French girl or The Three Kings.

Once the information on Sheila and Ringo’s marriage is revealed, this is the hustle and bustle of Notre-Dame de la Gare, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. “It was terrible. Because you see there pictures, but there was a crowd coming behind you, because they let people into the church. So everyone was hooked on the treasury and the turrets … and in the front, it was Cannes, there were the paparazzi. We ended up with the priest on our knees, who was unable to find alliances for us. Anyway, I’ll keep it short. But it is true that it is not a memory to me, it is a terrible thing“, She added.

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Ultimately, Sheila and Ringo divorced in 1979. She married Eve Martin to remarry in 2006 but divorced again in 2016.


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