Apple VR

For years, Tips have been surfing the net via Apple’s internal VR headset. User interest is still limited, and very few details are known about the device so far. How Reports say that a tech blogger named Robert Scoble who specializes in virtual and augmented reality has now joined forces. via Twitter It has been reported hearing new and somewhat strange information on the subject. Scoble claims that it has learned from internal sources that Apple will reveal the VR headset in the context of the WWDC in-house developers conference in 2022 and the reason for this date is that the manufacturer is releasing the device in conjunction with a new and significantly modified model of the iPod, and this is set to become The latter is the most successful at Christmas in 2022.

VR headset and iPod work together

The connection between a VR headset and a new version of the iPod went unnoticed immediately, but according to Scoble, there is a direct connection between the two devices. The iPod works with a headset and will offer and support many of Apple’s planned virtual reality experiences. Exactly how he does this and what role he should play in relation to virtual reality, Scoble does not reveal. The blogger only suggests that the new iPod will be “a fantastic controller of the worlds of augmented reality” and that the device will have “leading audio capabilities”. However, Scoble’s statements do not seem very credible. He even admits this himself and added to his Twitter post with the note that his followers should consider all information untrustworthy, but informed.

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Blogger is not a trusted resource

In the past, according to Appleinsider, the blogger was wrong in his predictions and the sudden announcement of a new iPod, with VR support at the time, seems at least questionable. On the other hand, several trustworthy sources have already predicted that Apple will release the first of many VR and AR headsets planned in 2022. At least on this point, Scoble may be right. As usual, Apple itself remains silent on this subject.


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