Shaquille O'Neal, bankrupt?... NBA legend's halftime confessional

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He played in 19 seasons NBA, Shaquille O’Neal A cumulative one Millionaire fortune; However, one post he made Twitter has questioned the state of the economy The legend of Los Angeles Lakers Y Miami Heat.

It all started with a statement he gave Shakil A Great podcastHe mentioned there Income of current generation players NBA “You think I’m happy that Rudy Gobert won 250 million? Oh, I’m getting angry, I think there is some truth in our criticism,” he said.

This phrase was published by an account TwitterIt started again Kevin Durant With the comment: “Shaquille is funny. You’re a billionaire bro“.

As expected, the four-time NBA championship winner was quick to respond to Durant, and that’s where the confession came in. I know I’m hilarious I am not a millionaire. I’m really broken, but I always speak the facts. Thanks for telling me I’m having fun, that means a lot.”

Shaquille O’Neal’s accumulated fortune

According to the site The Vanishing World, Shock Harvested More than a fortune 286 milesmillion dollars He played almost 20 seasons NBAA figure that still needs to be added to what he has earned thanks to sponsorships.

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