JP Games: „Final Fantasy XV“-Director Hajime Tabata arbeitet an zwei großen Rollenspielen

A few years ago, Hajime Tabata, the director behind “Final Fantasy XV” left Japanese video game company Square Enix and founded the independent GB game studio. The first project was a Paralympic game called “Pegasus Dream Tour”.

two big projects

Tabata has now announced in the current issue of Weekly Famitsu that JP Games is already working on two new projects. Each of them must be developed in cooperation with a large company. According to Tabata, both titles should also be high-volume projects.

The first title has already completed pre-production and should be a very fast RPG. It should be very experimental and a further development of “Final Fantasy Type-0”. Moreover, Tabata wants to reduce the playing time required to play once in an RPG by compressing the RPG experience and making it playable multiple times in a multiplayer game.

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Work on the second title has just begun. It is a world Nomad RPG developed at AAA level and described as an evolution of “Final Fantasy XV”. You want to create a large scale title that focuses on free exploration.

As soon as JP Games reveals more information about the new titles, we’ll update you.

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