Milan city? No, this is the ‘code’ name for a project within the META family of platforms. The group we remind you of is nothing but Facebook and WhatsApp … A project that was supposed to be a watch connected to a dual camera. But it seems that the Meta group has decided to finish the project.

Facebook decided to embark on a project to design a connected watch dedicated to Metaverse. A project born two years ago that, according to our colleagues at Bloomberg, will now be discontinued. And that’s even before we can even peek at the mentioned connected clock.

An innovative connected watch, even if it’s too much.

According to Bloomberg, the smartwatch that Facebook wanted to introduce was developed by the Reality Labs division of Meta and included a removable watch face, with a 5-megapixel camera located below the screen and a 12-megapixel camera on the back. wrist. A connected watch that was in particular intended for use in real life, but above all in the virtual world offered by the META Platforms group with its metaverse. Concretely, in the company’s virtual world, the watch was not only used as a connected watch, but really as a motion sensor.

The idea is that the watch can act as a “joystick” that detects wrist movements and thus interacts with the avatar.

One can imagine for example that if the wrist is in a certain position, this means that the person is about to pick up something. In addition, the cameras would also have a role to play and its user could have used it like an Action Cam.

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Too many functions make the watch unstable.

But if all these features sound attractive, then eventually it will be a reason to abandon the development of the connected watch. Technically too complicated to set up and run.

Blow in the water for Facebook, but who knows, we could see other accessories or wearables arriving soon. It’s all about seeing if the metaverse principle continues to evolve or if we just have to make a “copy” of the concept that was suggested to us in the movie “Ready Player One”. I hope, moreover, that the world will not become as in the movie, because then we will be really unhappy.


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