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As it is known, Nintendo and LEGO have been working together for a while. Now a mini crossover program is being prepared for the two internal rewards programs employment.

in a My Nintendo You can get one from now on Exclusive LEGO Mario Keychain To make a backup. and peer LEGO VIP You have the right LEGO Luigi Keychain Free.

As always, offers at My Nintendo are limited, so hurry up. In addition to 400 platinum points, you must also have a credit card ready, as always, in order to cover the shipping costs of 3.99 euros.

visited Here is the bonus page LEGO Mario token capture keychain. Then you visit Product page on My Nintendo Store and puts the trailer in the shopping cart. The code is required during the ordering process, otherwise nothing will work.

Like I said, Mario’s brother (Luigi) is available in the LEGO program. LEGO VIP* Free too, even if it looks like an exclusive club. You can currently get 250 LEGO VIP Points from My Nintendo as a Starter Capital Snap for free. To get exactly 0 platinum points. You then enter the code into your LEGO VIP account.

For this Luigi keychain, you need 500 LEGO VIP points. But you can still have one Check In LEGO VIP*. Then you have to collect some VIP points through purchases or other promotions. By the way, in LEGO-VIP you will also get 200 platinum points for My Nintendo for free.

Enjoy collecting!

Pictures: My Nintendo


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