Halo Infinite - 343 Industries Committed to Accessibility

This initiative was launched more than 6 years ago Games for everyone from Microsoft It has manifested several times since then in our consoles with custom features (copilot mode), official accessories such as the adaptive console, or even in games Xbox Game Studios Such as gears 5 Or recently in this season’s flight test legendary from Halo: The Master Chief Collection (With greatly improved translation and new options for color blindness).

Throughout October 2021, Microsoft She will highlight accessibility in the video game and reveal her plans to create the platform X-Box much easier. that it opening it This special month X-Box And 343 industries Took the time to detail how infinite aura It was part of that vision.

Some of the features highlighted today have already been announced or appear in the game’s technical preview, such as the ability to adjust the color of teams’ lines in multiplayer mode. infinite aura, while others are completely new:

  • To translate:
    • Adjust font size.
    • Adjust the opacity of the text background.
    • The possibility of activating the color code applied according to the loudspeakers.
    • The possibility of activating the full translation in the campaign or limiting it to lines of dialogue related to the narrative.
  • The font size has been adjusted for menus and gameplay.
  • List listing and customize list listing speed.
  • New navigation mode to activate: Linear navigation, which allows the user to navigate through menus with a limited number of commands and with visual highlighting.
  • The possibility of adjusting the color of the teams more freely than the usual red versus blue and the repercussions of this choice on the objectives in the game.
  • More options for user interface, Heads-Up display and crosshair opacity for easier information recognition.
  • The ability to enable Voice-to-Text or Text-to-Speech to assist players who want to participate in in-game voice chat and need to send a synthesized voice or receive a text.
  • New in-game audio mix customization options with sliders that address different aspects of the title
  • Full customization of assigning commands and sensitivity to joystick or keyboard/mouse, ability to turn keystroke into one click or activation.
  • A new control feature will be activated: Assisted Vehicle Driving, which allows the vehicle to be driven with additional controls rather than being limited to traditional driving, limited to the camera.
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All of these accessibility options will be available in . format infinite aura From launch onwards December 8, 2021 employment Xbox OneAnd Xbox Series X | s, The Microsoft StoreAnd steam, The Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Cloud games. 343 industries It has previously been indicated that additional options will land during the title’s supposed 10-year lifespan.

What do you think of these access options?


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