Pilots and cabin crew crossed their arms on Monday.

Brussels Airlines had to cancel half of its flights on Monday. Employees made a “row of shame” in front of the company headquarters. After the confrontation, everyone calls for dialogue.

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theThe pooling of demands between pilots and cabin crew is a rare enough sign to be strong: The joint strike of two types of deals by Brussels Airlines finally caused the cancellation of 57 of the 116 flights initially scheduled. On Monday, the company provided 59 flights, including intercontinental flights to Africa. We cannot determine the exact impact of the 3,500 passengers affected by this staff strike announced last week as they had several days to choose an alternative solution or refund. However, the cost of this day of protest was estimated at 2.5 million euros by the management, which demanded the amount in an official notice from the organized unions (at the Common Front). An official notice, this Monday, has not yet had any concrete repercussions, explains the unions.

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