BMW unveils paint that changes colors at CES at the touch of a button

The Consumer Electronics Show returns in person for 2022, so companies are already preparing what they will present during the first week of January. This is the case BMW, cars that will reveal a painting for your cars that change color At the touch of a button.

For now, all BMW has said is: “On screen (at CES) it will be the first display of technology to change a vehicle’s exterior color at the touch of a button.”

That is, we have no more information about how it works or How is it formed? That technology to make that change of colors, it could be paint, or vinyl wrap, or something completely different.

In addition, this kind of immediate modification may result illegal In some countries, as the color of the car is also a key to identify each unit, so real-life applications can be limited.

During CES, BMW will also show iX M60, the main electric SUV, so this new model can be Technology Show Its color changes, but we’ll confirm until then.

Feature already seen

However, this color changing feature not new. in 2003, Ford feet Mistrum in a Mustang CobraIts color changes from green to blue and from purple to black. What was used at that time was Light interference pigments ChromaFlair de Flex products.

Mustang Cobra Michrome

This feature worked as follows: particles as small as 17 microns consist of five layers of colorless film. Then, the microscopic layers worked like a small prism, i.e. lWhite Oz Reflected In the middle layer and then split into the outer layers to visible colors.

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Later, in 2016, Show Chevrolet Electroplating worlds in concept krypton camaro , that is, in addition to the paint of the sports car, lit. For this it was necessary to allow painting “to activate “ When applied to a metal surface, a method has been adapted for the delivery of phosphorescent materials.

krypton camaro

At that time, it was said that the current consumption was minimal, lit up nearly 5,000 square inches of krypton camaro consumer 64 watts a 16 volts, which was achieved by using an auxiliary battery with a boost converter, inverter and other electronic components to produce an alternating current of 180 V.


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