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Nintendo caused a surprise by announcing the Nintendo Switch OLED. While we gave up not seeing any hybrid console evolution at the end of the year, the creator of Mario surprised everyone with a new version of the Switch, certainly not the most powerful. As some rumors indicate, but with a new OLED display, and some changes to its design. The console will be released on October 8, 2021, but with already strong demand for the current console, we can’t recommend much to take advantage of pre-orders, now open on Fnac. Dart !

Pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED on Fnac

New Nintendo Switch Oled: Take advantage of pre-order at Fnac Darty

The new Nintendo Switch is not a revolution: the concept is always the same, the Joy-con controllers are also removable, and you can also reuse your existing Joy-con since the controller has the same dimensions in height and thickness. Obviously, the biggest novelty is the screen. In nearly identical territory, Nintendo managed to fit a 7-inch screen versus the 6.5-inch screen on the original Switch, and that screen transitions from LCD to OLED with colors that should be more vibrant and contrast particularly deeper. At the back of the console, the second change: instead of a small crutch, the bottom now serves as an adjustable support, like the Microsoft Surface. Finally, for faster downloads and more responsive online gameplay, the Nintendo Switch OLED Dock now features an Ethernet port. You can pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED on Fnac Darty at €359.99, in a white version or in its classic neon red / blue colours.

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Pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED on Fnac

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