15 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Instagram for Business

If you have a business or want to boost your personal brand, using Instagram can be the difference between having more or less and above all sales.

Written by Diego Davila, Udemy Instructor, Entrepreneur, and Digital Innovator

If you have a business or want to boost your personal brand, using Instagram can be the difference between having more or less and above all sales. Only in Mexico, a potential advertisement was reported to have been seen by 32 million people (1).

50% of people are more interested in a brand when they see its ads on Instagram and 90% of users follow at least one business, which shows the potential of this social network. If you want to promote Instagram for the benefit of your business, I share with you 15 keys that will make your company grow, make you known, and increase your sales in the long run.

  1. Create ads. Ads on Instagram really reach people who have already visited similar pages or have a real interest in products and services like what you offer, so feel free to use them.
  1. Make the most of local access. If you have a local business, Instagram allows you to reach people near you through ads, you just have to optimize them properly and set a perimeter around your location. Improving and attracting those interested in similar products or services.
  1. Make sure your account is a business. Don’t miss the wide range of free tools offered by the corporate social network, such as the ability to access traffic stats or create ads. Set up your account as a corporate account and take advantage of it.
  1. Make a memorable profile description. Create a phrase that reaches your customer’s heart, always prioritizing the benefit your customers will get from buying from you and using keywords that are relevant to them. Also, use emojis and include your website address.
  1. Pick up new leads. Do it through an exchange: In the profile web link, you can offer some digital assets, be it an e-book, free course, video, or tutorial in exchange for your name and email. This list Lead What you will create is earthly gold to create a long-term trusting relationship with them.
  1. USA #hashtags. They act as bookmarks for finding specific content, as well as a way to stay on top of topics of interest. So find relevant hashtags and use them in your posts. This way, new potential customers will naturally find you.
  1. Answer your customers. This, in addition to increasing their interaction, will help you know what they are looking for and how you can satisfy them.
  1. Post a good selfie. If you are looking to enhance your personal brand, use a professional photo of yourself and if you have a logo, use it. The goal is that out of thousands of accounts, your customers start associating your profile picture with your brand.
  1. Take advantage of the stats. Every good strategy requires you to measure results, so take advantage of the stats that Instagram gives you for free. So you can know the age, interests and location of those who follow you. This is essential information when making announcements.
  1. use the Stories. While 86% of users use this functionality, only 36% of businesses use it. Use them and if you have more than 10k followers direct them to a website and you will make them visit and buy from you organically
  1. Video content generation. It is recommended that you create between one and two videos per week of at least 30 minutes each. Use it for IGTV and clip it to present in 10-minute installments on your profile.
  1. Question your followers. Create posts that invite questions to be answered in the comments. With this said, as you get to know your customers more, your posts will have a good reach because the Instagram algorithm will favor this type of content.
  1. Make live videos. The algorithm also benefits from this type of content, plus it has been proven that people like and share it, so take advantage of it!
  1. USA Creators Studio. It is Instagram’s own platform that brings together all the tools to effectively publish, manage, monetize and measure your account content. Be organized with her and schedule posts once a month for the next 30 days, so you can optimize your time.
  1. Be consistent and consistent. Post daily or at least twice a week. Make sure to start and maintain a good momentum, it is the key to success. Don’t despair that you will see your account constantly grow.
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(1) study my number 2021 Developed by We Are Social and Hootsuite.

for more information: Udemy

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