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( – Master Card Credit Card (stable) and breaded (currently +79% in Nyse) announced a multi-faceted partnership to enable US merchants, banks and financial firms to adopt and provide a wide range of cryptocurrency solutions and services. Consumers, in turn, will benefit from expanded access to the digital asset ecosystem. Bakkt is expanding its Mastercard partner ecosystem by enabling Crypto-as-a-Service, which provides quick access to cryptocurrency capabilities. With the power of the Mastercard network and Bakkt’s trusted digital asset platform, Mastercard’s partners will be able to offer cryptocurrency solutions. This includes the ability for consumers to buy, sell and hold digital assets through Bakkt-powered custody wallets and the simplified issuance of branded crypto credit and debit cards.

Mastercard will also integrate crypto into its loyalty solutions, allowing its partners to offer cryptocurrency as a reward and creating the ability to switch between loyalty points and other digital assets. This means that consumers can earn and spend rewards in cryptocurrency instead of traditional loyalty points and easily convert their possessions into crypto to pay for their purchases. This is Mastercard’s latest initiative to offer consumers innovative loyalty options that match their ‘Passion Score’.

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