The New Government: Between Reappointed Ministers, Promotions and Disappointments

Politics – renewal, but not much. Of the twenty-eight political leaders who made up Elizabeth Bourne’s first government, fourteen, or half, were already present during the reign of Jan Castex. Marilyn Schiappa, Julian Denormandy and Jean-Michel Blanquer are among the main rejecters of the wave that gives pride of place to weightlifters in the first five years.

Among the rest, not all of them were housed in the same boat. Between promotions and advances in protocol arrangement or disappointed hopes, the first version of this government, along with newcomers or profiles already targeted by the opposition, brings its share of lessons. Survivor overview.


Emmanuel Macron and his prime minister have chosen to promote an entire generation that has convinced them, it seems, over the past few months. The clearest example of this is undoubtedly alongside Gabriel Attal, the youngest member of the government. The former foreign minister in charge of launching the Universal National Service, who became the government’s spokesperson in July 2020, won the ministry (delegate) responsible for public accounts.

The 33-year-old budget is first…and the promise of a potential starting point. A look at the list of officials who held this key position before him – from Gerald Darmanin, to Bernard Cazeneuve, via Valéry Becresse, François Barwin, Alain Juppé, Nicolas Sarkozy and Jacques Chirac – allows us to realize this.

In this game of musical chairs, Olivia Gregoire, 43, replaces him as the spokesperson. A key role for those who have so far held the position of Minister of State for Social and Solidarity Economy.

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In the same spirit, Olivier Dusuppet, who passed from the budget to the Ministry of Labour, Marc Vesnot, who left relations with Parliament for the sake of agriculture, or Brigitte Bourguignon, who took up the portfolio of public health after devoting herself to independence, can boast of a significant promotion. Just like Sebastien Licornu, who became the youngest minister of the armies after being foreign minister.


Along with these changes in positions and statuses, Emmanuel Macron and Elizabeth Bourne above all chose wide continuity in the main roles. With heavy weights comfortable.

This is the case, for example, of Bruno Le Maire. The former Republican CEO, a minister throughout his first five-year term, sees his (really large) portfolio expanding. Now, the second man in the government – he was the fifth so far – the minister is responsible for the economy, finance, industrial and digital sovereignty. His fellow interior, Gerald Darmanen, still, meanwhile, places Beauvau … and also climbs up the protocol rankings (from No. 5 to No. 3.)

The same movement, albeit more surprising, by Eric Dupond Moretti. The Keeper of the Seals, often rendered as outgoing, is reassigned to his position despite conflicting relations with the guilds and his wit with Justice. He is suspected of using his position to settle scores with judges who had run into trouble when he was a lawyer in two cases. Even the previous content of the tape moves from the eleventh in the protocol to the fourth. This is not a trifle for someone who defeated the campaign of Emmanuel Macron, before he gave up his candidacy in the legislative elections.

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dashed hopes

In this context, and at a time when the President of the Republic hopes to breathe new life into a new style, it was necessary to have some frustrated people present to make room for new faces. according to ParisGabriel Attal and Clément Boone “badly wanted” the Ministry of Public Accounts, particularly for the starting point it represented. The newspaper says that this position was the subject of a sharp dispute … and was lost by “Mr. Europe” to Emmanuel Macron, who does not hide his desire to take over responsibilities in Macron.

Disappointment remains relative despite everything since the former Elysian chancellor kept the European Affairs portfolio, which became a ministry. By doing so, he will be able to sit every Wednesday at the cabinet table, which has been foreign minister until now.

There is still Olivier Veran. It was the former health minister who lost the most feathers between the Castex government and that of Elizabeth Bourne. I was Minister of the Health Crisis for two years. I would now like to become a full-time Minister of Health.”And Explanation for UPS, last March. Alas, he will finally be responsible for relations with Parliament and democratic life.

The neurologist by training loses his entire ministry, in favor of Brigitte Bourguignon, and is confined to the role of minister delegate to Elizabeth Bourne. The lesser evil, no doubt, of those who “fought XXL” and even “rolled over to get something”, according to several sources in Columns parisian, When it was originally meant to fill the ranks of those who failed.

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