Eliminación de aranceles no exime de cumplimiento de calidad en alimentos: Hacienda

Temporary cancellation of payment Tariffs or taxes From 21 products from the core basket and six strategic inputs to combat economic inflationdoes not exempt importers from complying with bringing in high-quality food.

This is confirmed by the Secretary hacienda and Public Credit (SHCP) in a statement regarding the publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) of a decree exempting importers of said products from paying customs duties as part of the Anti-Famine and Inflation Package (Pacic).

He stressed that the decree stipulates that these procedures do not exempt importers from the goods’ commitment to all characteristics of quality and efficiency necessary to protect the life and safety of all people, especially those related to the field of plant health and animal health.

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Products must be high-quality, warns the treasury

i.e. corn oil, rice, tuna, pork, chicken, beef, onions, jalapeños, beans, corn flour, wheat flour, eggs, toilet soap, tomatoes, milk, lemon, sorghum, apples, oranges, box bread, and caution that potatoes and pasta used in soups, sardines, sorghum, wheat and carrots must be quality products High.

Nor does it mean that importers will be exempted from the obligation for goods to comply with all non-tariff regulations and restrictions, he said.

He noted that the non-payment of applicable customs duties for a period of one year for imports from countries with which Mexico does not have a free trade agreement, derives from the Pasic Agreement presented by the State Council for Foreign Affairs, the Secretary of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramirez de la. Hey, last May 4th.

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