Residents' families demand justice


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Schlinger, c. Vitalin, R.; Merry, c. Lugoff, M.; Seely, c. Cohen-Oliveri – France 3

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Orpea’s group of nursing homes may find themselves in legal turmoil. Many families of residents who have died in recent years have chosen to join forces to take legal action against Number 1 in the Strip.

For years, they thought they were the only ones to have such an experience. book verses grave diggers shocked them. Now, Isabella Schwartz and Sophie Meyer They want testimony and demand accountability. Their mothers died shortly after their visit to Ipad Europe. Both accuse the group of neglect and abuse.

“She takes off her mask, and what do I see? All her teeth are broken. How, in two months, can you break all your teeth, lose your veneers? (…) It seems out of the question to me, that means there was no hygiene “, sorry Isabelle Schwartz, who also adds that her mother had multiple fractures. Each recounts in detail the frequent falls, which were never explained, and the many hours before help and relatives were notified. We got to the hospital, where I found my mother crying, martyring, telling me she called, and no one came. horrible thing“, he told Sophia Meyer. This type of certification is proliferating. Many families are now demanding justice and collective action is brewing.


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