BASF wants to build a factory in Bikankur industrial area and port

If the project is implemented, it will be the largest construction site in the past 10 years in the Bikankur industrial zone and port, according to its president and general manager (President General Manager) Maurice Richard.

The multinational chemical company wants to build a cathode and battery recycling plant.

BASF is a global company

The multinational, whose parent company is located in Germany, employs more than 100,000 people worldwide and is present in more than 75 countries. interview in show and directly, Maurice Richard explains that it is a strategic choice for the company to settle in the industrial zone of Becancourt and the port: What they find in Bécancour are the basic elements they need: large surface areas, silicone, an accessible port, graphite. There are a lot of elements that go into producing batteries.

He argues that Quebec will also be a gateway to the North American continent for multinational corporations: It’s not just Quebec, it’s the United States and Mexico. For us, this is a great investment.

The factory should be ready within three years

The land selected by the company is located south of Interstate 30. It will host other interconnected businesses that will be part of the same ecosystem.

For Maurice Richard, the target area will lead to a significant development of the industrial complex: It’s like adding a new garden at 35%.

BASF wants to run its plant in 2025, very short deadlines for President General Manager : We build all the infrastructure and make sure it’s on time.

Benefits for the next 50 years

According to the mayor of Becancourt, Lucy Allard, the construction of the BASF plant could mean the beginning of an unprecedented economic boom in the region: What’s coming is big, it’s so big. After that, I think there will be room for everyone to have these sub-elements.


For his part, Nicoli Becancourt member Donald Martel believes that Becancourt will become one of the main poles of the green sector that the government intends to establish: What we do in Becancourt will change the economic face of Nicolet Becancourt, Maurice over the next 50 years. The number of jobs created by this project is still unknown.

Another important announcement regarding the industrial zone and the green sector is due on Monday.

With information from Raphael Brouillette


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