Saint-Malo : il découvre une alliance en or dans le sable

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Armed with sound metals detectorFrederick A. treasure Buried under 30 cm of sand on a beach near Saint-Malo. He digs up Alliance en or Dated from 1967. Instead of selling it, he embarked on a real purchase Investigation With the purpose Find its owner.

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Discover a treasure in Saint-Malo

Since he got metals detector On Father’s Day, Frederick walks on the beaches Saint-Malo In search of Treasures. But it is the weekend of May 8 that will disturb his daily life. Where he enjoys a relaxing day on the beach at San ColumAnd the Its detector locates A. Peugeot.

Discovers prof Alliance en or Dating who 1967 Buried underneath 30 cm of sand. Moved on, confident in West of France : “I immediately came up with the idea of ​​trying to find the owners as soon as the inscription engraved inside Micheline à Michel 1967 appeared. The opportunity to discover a beautiful and satisfying story.”

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Leading the investigation in Saint-Malo

After this discovery, he hastens to warn authorities And place an ad to find The owner of the jewel (Which has not been found yet). This kind of find is rare because the sea has been bringing rare things that have been buried for very long years.

Frédéric metal detector is mainly used in Pick up the trash Deserted shores Saint-Malo. He. She “I take this opportunity to educate my children about preserving the environment.”. In fact, apart from this alliance, it just found Santim From Old francs And many more Aluminum objects (Cans or fishing gear).

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