Burger King: la mascotte du fast-food repérée dans le jeu Elden Ring ?Burger King: la mascotte du fast-food repérée dans le jeu Elden Ring ?

The famous Burger King fast food mascot can be seen in the Elden Ring game! We give you more details.

It would have been a Burger King fast food mascot Seen in Elden Ring! What is it really? MCE TV gives you more details.

A reference to Burger King?

Since last February, video game fans have had the opportunity to discover the new game signed by FromSoftware. Elden Ring already does that Fund since its release!

It must be said that the game has been eagerly awaited by the players. Especially after the recent success of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice from the same developer that was voted as the best game of the year!

Since the release of Elden Ring, we expect the latter to follow the same path. Players who have embarked on the adventure at the moment seem to be very satisfied with their experience.

Besides, the game should continue to improve. Especially thanks to the upcoming new updates. Meanwhile, a detail has upset some Elden Ring players.

In fact, they noticed Annoying similarities between the characters video game and the famous mascot of Burger King King! You should know that the famous fast food already has a certain presence in the gaming world.

In the early 2000s, Burger King offered so much more From the famous Whopper! In fact, the brand had a total of 3 video games and King was the main character.

Since then, these video games have been clearly forgotten. But today, game fans thought they saw a burger mascot in Elden Ring! What is it really? We tell you more!

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annoying resemblance

In the video game Elden Ring, some players thought they saw the Burger King mascot. In fact, it’s just a strong resemblance, nothing more.

In fact, the character of the wizard Raya Lucaria looks like a kingFrom Burger King. His haircut, beard, and headdress can be really confusing!

Besides, their outfits are quite similar. Both are already wearing a long dress and cloak. a fan Elden Ring and . video game Burger King also shared his discovery on a Reddit forum.

“I can’t ignore it and you can’t” The young man wrote with the image of the two characters side by side. And we must admit that the similarity is disturbing.

A very funny similarity, but less so for some players. Indeed, in the game Elden Rign, the wizard is a character that complicates the task of the players. So we cannot say that they carry it in their hearts.

resemblance to Fast food mascot Burger King still made them laugh. Imagining the mascot as an enemy in the game should definitely relieve all that tense atmosphere.

Anyway, Burger King’s King managed to find a place in one of the most popular games of the moment. Although it really isn’t, it will definitely make some players hungry.


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