Two young men arrested with beer and cannabis on the beach in Solac-sur-Mer

The consumption of alcohol on the beach is prohibited by municipal ordinance. That hemp, is strictly prohibited. They were spotted by CRS from their watchtower observing the shower area

They got it all wrong. Two young men, aged 21 and 16, from Dordogne, were arrested in the early afternoon of Saturday 17 July 2021 by CRS lifeguard swimmers on the supervised beach in the center of Soulac-sur-Mer (Girond). They consumed beer, while alcohol was prohibited on the beach by municipal decree, and smoked hashish within the nostrils of the police.

They were spotted by two CRS rescuers stationed on the watchtower. They spontaneously handed a sealed bag decorated with the logo of the famous Italian brand specializing in surprise eggs. But with seven heads of hemp as a toy hidden in the candy store.

The two young men were entrusted to a gendarmerie patrol in Solak. “Our work is essential to keep our beaches free of any crime. Being on site, all day long, we can intervene immediately in order to put an end to any act of delinquency, in close and effective cooperation with the national gendarmerie,” welcomes Captain Pascal Gensus, head of the swimmers’ system. Rescue workers at CRS on the coast of Aquitaine

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