Krampus Warzone

After days of complaints, Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s holiday demon, Krampus, will be altered. The Mythic Monster was annoying players enough that Raven Software downplayed its power for the Festive Fervor event.

Less than a week into the caldera holiday, fans are already tired of Krampus. The extended festivities are expected to last about two more weeks, and players were hoping to ditch the horned guest.

If Krampus is appreciated for his efforts By embodying anti-fraud for some timeThis does not appear to have compensated for his other behaviors. The demon attacks seemingly random teams, and possesses so much health that it is almost invincible.

Instead of getting rid of the big bully entirely, Raven Software responded to the complaints and changed the behavior of the monster.


Krampus is clearly not the most famous of the NPCs.

The developers of Warzone have modified Krampus for the remainder of the Festive Fervor event.

In a tweet dated December 21, Raven confirmed that Krampus will be less annoying by Christmas. The developers reduced his health “significantly” in all modes (depending on the size of the team).

In addition, Krampus will not appear again in the “After the Fourth Circle” games.

This news was well received by fans of the game, and they responded with gratitude as “Thanks a lot” And “We love her”.

Unfortunately, this does not seem sufficient for many. In fact, a slew of responses are coming from console players who, not counting Krampus, They have more and more difficulty in playing the game.

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With players responding to Raven’s tweet to demand console fixes, it’s clear Krampus isn’t the only thing ruining the holidays.


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