It is said that the game will be shown at the Summer Games Festival

Since the release of Elden Ring last Friday, the gaming world has rarely talked about anything else, for many game of the year Already in the spring. that role-playing of software Massive success cannot be ruled out.

Our editors were of the same opinion in their comprehensive test. And of course the developers and participants in this huge work are also happy with the comments. By the way, this also includes Fantasy-Autor George RR Martinknown for his series of books and the resulting Game of Thrones series.

Despite the resounding success: George RR Martin remained humble

Regarding the brutally successful version of elden ring (Buy now /50.99 euros) So Martin has a new entrance his own blog written: “The wait is finally over. After years of work, Elden Ring launched last week and took the gaming world by storm.”

He lists some reviews (even if he unfortunately forgot them), quotes the most beautiful praises and headlines and press comments as “music for the ears”. Despite all the joy, the world-famous writer still survived Very modest. He himself only played a small role, so players should thank them elsewhere for Elden Ring:

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“Of course, it is almost entirely thanks to Hidetaka Miyazaki and his amazing team of game designers who have been working on this game for half a decade or more, determined to create the best video game ever. I am honored to have met them and they have worked with them and played a role, no matter how small, in creating this amazing world and making Elden Ring a landmark.”

Starting problems at Elden Ring?

But as cool as Elden Ring is, it often remains a solid software title with elements that can be quite daunting for newcomers of the genre. if you are in the interior So if you haven’t found what you want yet, we recommend our beginner tips for the game.


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