Agrotoken and Santander will provide loans with tokenized grains

Acrotoken and Santander have formed an alliance to promote debt through tokenized grains such as soy (SOYA), corn (CORA) and wheat (WHEA).

Thanks to this alliance, the agricultural world in Argentina will have easy and fluid access to a new financial system.

One step The ad was released On Monday, March 7, Agrotoken and Santander are making plans to deliver Loans with tokenized farm products such as soybeans, corn and wheat.

At the same time it was announced that the proposal for loans with tokenized grains “developed a pilot test with Argentine manufacturers to verify the functionality of the product technically and functionally”.

Loans with tokenized grains

The initiative, developed by Agrotoken and Santander, proposes to provide loans with tokenized grains such as soy (SOYA), corn (CORA) and wheat (WHEA). Thus, Farmers and the agro-ecosystem can have easy and fluid access to the new funding system. Thus increasing their creditworthiness.

Eduardo Novillo Astrada, CEO and co-founder of Agrotoken, pointed out:

“This is the first global experience to support loans through tokens based on agricultural products such as soybeans, corn and wheat. Together with Santander we are developing various financial products to provide a service to agricultural producers.

For his part, Santander Fernando Batista, Argentina’s agri-business leader, noted:

“[En Santander Argentina] We rely on technology and innovation to create new business solutions that make life easier and expand opportunities for agricultural producers.

Agro token development

Agrotoken is a global tokenization platform Ingredients Farm created by Argentine businessmen.

Looking at the stage Create an ecosystem to raise awareness, digitize the value of grains and store, invest and trade agricultural producers. With its production without intermediaries and with full protection.

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Last September, BeInCrypto announced it Argentina made the first agricultural sale of soybeans through Agrotokens.

In this sense, the transaction lasted only 8 minutes, and the tokens were used to pay the invoice for goods worth $ 2,320,997.95. For this, 70.1157 Agrotokens $ SOYA used.


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