Pixel 6 de Google

Google missed a small bug in its latest update to Google Photos, the latter of which disables the groundbreaking “magic eraser” option for GAFA phones.

Google launched a new generation of its phones in early fall, Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Although both phones are huge strengths first and foremost, they still excel in one area: photography. The real strength of Google since it acquired HTC and released its first Pixel, this year again, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro’s cameras are simply stunning. In addition to the undeniable optical properties, the Menlo Park phones have one feature that the whole world would envy: the magic eraser.

It is she who at the moment was reserved for paid and complex photo editing programs, such as Photoshop, suddenly appeared on Google phones. So they can remove unwanted elements from the photo, like passers-by for example. An amazing feature that has attracted more than one client. It has also been widely used by Google in its communications, as the discreet functionality of this new phone, which is able to combine its photometric properties with software size intelligence.

Disappearance should not continue

But after a good month of completely normal operation since the phone was launched, it appears that the magic eraser has suddenly left Google phones. In fact, testimonials from clients who no longer have the job have doubled in recent days. While Google for its part has confirmed that it knows where the problem came from, a corrective update is slow to appear, and customers of the most popular search engines are running out of patience.

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As per the clarifications provided by the Menlo Park teams, it would be update 5.67 from Google Photos that would have affected the phone’s choice and would have made it unavailable. If you haven’t done the latter yet, it’s a good idea to wait a little longer for Google to fix the problem before running it on your phone. For its part, Google wanted to be reassuring to its customers, while ensuring that a new update arrives very soon.

If the issue should be resolved, it also appears to be affecting only a small portion of Google’s customer base. In fact, the number of testimonials from people who fell victim to this update is not much, and according to the Android Center, the concern does not ultimately affect many people. However, the sector media specialist let humor into the situation, stating in his article that “Google erases the Pixel 6’s magic eraser”.


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