El indicador manufacturero se mantuvo cambios en julio y permaneció en 52.2 puntos. (Especial)

Mexico City /

Confirms results of manufacturing and non-manufacturing sector indicators measured by the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (IMEF) In July 2021, economic activity resumed, But at a slower pace; The future evolution of the Mexican economy is subject to considerable uncertainty and depends on the future course of the epidemic.

According to the IMEF report, The The production index was unchanged at 52.2 points in JulyIn the fifth month it was in the expansion zone (over 50 points), while its trend-cycle series declined 0.2 points to 51.7 units and recorded six consecutive months in the expansion zone.

For its part, The non-manufacturing index recorded a decline of 1.1 points in July Close at 52.9 units and remain in the expansion zone for the fifth month; Its trend-cycle series fell 0.3 units to 53.3, placing it in the expansion zone for the sixth consecutive month.

IMEF announced Cyclical trends in manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors are in the expansion zone; However, the two showed a decline last month, after recording consecutive increases, which saw their historic decline in May and April 2020, respectively.

He noted The non-manufacturing sector, which is made up of services and trade, continued to show high energy Than the manufacturing sector; Going forward, the major risks to economic activity in the short term arise from the strong increase in Govt-19 infection, which leads to new restrictions on movement and slows down the reactivation of the non-productive sector and prolongs interruptions in the global supply chains, mainly in the re-activation of manufacturing production.

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