Antoine Griezmann et Ousmane Dembélé au cœur d

LE SCAN SPORT – Usman Temple and Antoine Griezmann have apologized for posting racist comments after a video aired.

News trying to put an end to the controversy. F.C. Like his teammate Antoine Griezmann in Barcelona, ​​he raised a number of criticisms after airing a video in which he openly mocked staff in Japan for coming to their room for technical intervention, while Usman Temple wanted to return to controversy by stirring up social networks. FC in Asia By first apologizing to people who may have hurt you in the dating series from 2019 during the Barcelona tour. “This video is now public. I can only imagine that he might have hurt people in these films. Therefore, I offer my sincere apologies to them.»

“This (scene, editor’s note) could have happened anywhere on the planet, and I would have used the same expressions”,

Usman Temple

But the attacker “Parsia», Which is reminiscent of the personal nature of the video, defends itself against any anti-Asian racism, and sometimes admits to personally expressing these kinds of comments. “It (Stage, Editor’s note) It could have happened anywhere on the planet, and I would have used the same expressions“, Writes the international tricolor, which is attached to Antoine Griezmann, who is next to him in that room. “So I am not targeting any community. I sometimes use these types of expressions personally, with friends, regardless of their appearance.»

Usman Temple’s apology on social media. Instagram

After this update, Antoine Griezmann also spoke on social media. Like his team in Catalonia, the Blues striker wanted to apologize, but “Definitely refusesAgainst racist allegations against him. “I am always committed against any discrimination. For the past few days, some people have wanted to pass me by as a man I am not. I categorically deny the allegations against me and apologize if I can hurt my Japanese friends.»

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In recent years, 30-year-old Antoine Griezmann has come under fire for posting “Blackface” on social media. The former Atletico player, however, admitted to being abusive, he recently rejected his advertising commitment with Huawei in favor of the Uighurs, suspecting that the Chinese brand had designed face recognition software for this Muslim minority. A gesture was widely welcomed.

“All those dirty faces … my brother playing PES …”

Usman Temple

In this video, which reappears a few days after the removal of the blues in the Euros, both international triangles lend themselves to bad taste jokes, openly mocking the appearance of questionable staff, with lots of zooms with little positive and fat laughter. “Oh damn, tongue …Temple smiles first, referring to the exchanges between the technicians. Also, add all the smiles: “All of those dirty faces விளையாட Play my brother PES.

If it does not say anything that can be heard during the relevant scene, then say it. “Shouted»(Very) good audience… and he admires his team’s confusing comments on club and selection. “Are you ahead or are you not progressing in your country?», Usman adds Temple, not afraid of clichs about Asians. In another video, Griezmann appears to be finally engaging in a cross caricature by following the Asian dialect.


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