Flights, first class dog seat.  Environmentalists were outraged

Man’s best friends travel first class, or rather more: luxury is reserved for them Private planes With custom leather seats, it is clear that it is accompanied by its owners for a comfortable and memorable journey. The cost of the operation is approximately 9,400 euros for the London-Dubai route alone. The experience you provide K9 planesan English company that charters private jets for pets, has never been popular with British environmentalists Extinction Revolution who objected to all this luxury, which he considered excessive, of allowing dogs to travel.


The company’s mission is to allow pets to stay alongside their owners in the cabin of a luxury private plane.Instead of just booking a commercial plane. The service ensures a comfortable and stress-free environment for you and your four-legged companions“If dogs could survive”On your lap or next to you in the cabin“, the cats must instead stay in their carrier but one aspect that concerns their wealthy owners is avoiding customs inspection and security queues. Although K9-Jest advertises that carbon emissions are offset on all flights, environmentalists don’t blame us With their masters “They are able to love animals as humans without realizing that nature around them is collapsing, and so they come to their senses.”

the Facebook website The company official has thousands of followers and dozens of photos with the four-legged friends in front in their designated seats or along the small aisles of the planes amid the delighted laughter of the owners who sip glasses of wine during the flight. champagne. Environmentalists are also upset by the expensive ceramic bowls that are often intended for dogs and cats. Multiple destinations: London, New Jersey, Dubai, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Paris. “Golden Retriever Ownership! It was a pleasure to meet Ellie and Emma (and of course Katie and Kevin) after their first flight on K9 Jtes.” I read it on Reply on Facebook with the happy owners before setting off with their pair of four-legged ‘friends’.

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Company response

Adam Golder, the company’s co-founder, pointed to the group’s animal rights philosophy, trying to nip the anti-pollution debate in the bud: “K9 Jets believes that all family members, including pets, deserve to travel in comfort and style“addition”We couldn’t be more excited to start this new pathDespite the appropriate attention to animals, in the period of expensive transformation that the world is facing in terms of gasoline and energy, it is difficult not to think that all this comfort has a “cost” that is not only economic: data provided by the International Council on Clean Transportation states that 2.4% Of the total carbon dioxide emissions come from air traffic. This is good words from the wise.


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