Did you miss Wilder Friday on 3sat?: Replay Episode 5, Season 3 online and on TV

On Friday (04/03/2020), another episode of the crime series “Wilder” was shown on TV. Didn’t you watch the episode? You can read here on news.de where and how you can watch the repetition of the “Operation” episode, both on traditional TV and online.

Wilder at 3sat
Photo: 3sat transmitted by FUNKE magazines

On Friday (04/03/2020) at 2:45 am, another episode of “Wilder” was shown on TV. You have a crime chain in 3sat Did you miss it and still want to watch episode 5 of season 3 (“Trial”)? Take a look at 3sat media library. Here you will find countless TV shows that you can stream online after broadcasting as VOD. As a rule, you will find the program online after the TV broadcast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. At 3sat in linear TV there will be no redundancy at the moment.

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‘Wilder’ on TV: This is what ‘Operation’ is all about

A Swiss mountain village finds itself in the international spotlight when the daughter of an Arab investor disappears shortly before construction of a controversial tourist resort begins. You’re supposed to be found by Cantonal Police Officer Rosa Wilder (Sarah Spell), who grew up here in town. Together with Federal Detective Manfred Kaji (Marcus Seigner), she discovers a dark secret that’s been lurking beneath the canyon’s surface for years — and it has more to do with her own story than she’d like. (Source: 3sat, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

“Wilder” on TV: a glimpse of all the information and actors of “Operation”

consequence: 5/season 3 (“beta”)

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at: 3sat

With: Sarah Spall, Marcus Signer, Andreas Grotzinger, Michael Neuschwander, Roger Bonjour, Roland Bonjour, Sarah Hostetler, Annina Butterworth, Julian Tell Koechlin and Anna Shinz

Type: crime series

FSK: Approved for ages 12 and up

year of production: 2021

Long: 55 minutes

in high definition: Yes

All of Wilder’s broadcasts on TV

You can find out where and when you can watch other issues of “Wilder” here:

Episode title(s) series consequence History time sender all the time
blind 3 6 4.3.2022 3:40 am 3sat 60 minutes
injury 3 2 9.3.2022 10:25 pm 3sat 55 minutes

(Details of the season and episode number are determined by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the designation in official episode guides)

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