Tajischaw: Strange things happen on the 8pm show

Tagesschau: ARD viewers fear the worst because stranger things happen at 8pm.

Maischberger, Lanz and Co.: These are the German talk show hosts

Maischberger, Lanz and Co.: These are the German talk show hosts

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What was going on there? Saturday evening is daily news At 8 p.m., differently than planned. This infuriated the public and prompted them to come up with the most violent theories.

daily newsSpokeswoman Judith Rackers has now explained the strange events of Saturday night’s broadcast on Twitter.

Tajishua: ARD viewers were disturbed by a strange incident that occurred on Saturday night

In fact, the daily news always starts on time at 8pm, but that was different on Saturday evening. The time was shown on the blue background of the program until 8:00:44 PM, then the program finally started.

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Several people posted photos and clips from their TV screens on Twitter that evening showing the delay in starting the highly-rated news programme. Many users wrote sarcastically in this context: “The world is deteriorating.” If the daily news doesn’t work as usual, all seems lost!

Tajischaw (ARD): Judith Rackers explains the background

But now Judith Rakers explains the strange delay on Twitter: “We had a technical issue with a wrongly linked chart (Bundesliga), which then led us through the opening credits. The moment has to start.”

A Tageshaw spokeswoman apologized to viewers with the hashtag #sorry. They take the whole thing quietly: “I don’t want to imagine how many liters of sweat were thrown in the direction,” one Twitter user jokes. Another writes: “There are worse things, mistakes happen.” (pound)


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