Hurricane Beryl Devastates Jamaica, Countries on Alert for Next Few Hours, Updates

Weather: Hurricane Beryl Devastates Jamaica, Countries on Alert for Next Few Hours, Updates

Weather, Hurricane Beryl is a Cat 3 monster, and is on alert for the Caribbean

After leaving a trail of destruction in the eastern Caribbean and causing at least nine deaths, Hurricane Beryl has strengthened again, reaching Category 3 status late Thursday evening, July 4. With winds of 185 km/h, Beryl is heading toward Mexico's tourist-rich Yucatan Peninsula.

The hurricane has already caused extensive damage: 95% of homes were destroyed. On some islands Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, The boats capsized in Barbados And they tore up the roofs Jamaica.L KingstonResidents have begun clearing debris even though 60% of the island is still without power and water.

But how can this happen? Role Climate changeOne factor that contributes to the formation of beryl at this time of year is Surface temperature From the sea +1.5°C Above average due to ongoing global warming (very high temperature values ​​for several months now). The temperature of +29°C, the threshold for triggering hurricanes, is usually recorded in September, after the hot and long summer months, but climate change is now distorting these dynamics with increasingly devastating effects around the world.

Specifically, abnormal ocean temperatures and ocean heat content have led to beryl to one Rapid intensification up to Category 5 (highest and most destructive).
According to the latest report from National Hurricane Center (NHC), She was demoted from the fourth category, twenty, to the top. 220 km/hCategory 3, always “extremely dangerous” and with Wind to the end 200 km/hbut with a tendency to gradually lose power. Authorities are setting up temporary shelters and evacuating the most vulnerable coastal communities, such as Allen's advice And Mahahual.
beryl It may reappear in The Gulf Of Mexico Then hit again, this time on the border between them. Mexico And United StateThe map below shows. a path Forecast for this massive hurricane.Hurricane Beryl's forecast path

Hurricane Beryl's forecast path
Meanwhile, the storm continues to break all records (the first Category 4 hurricane ever recorded in June and The closest Category 5 hurricane ever observed) An exceptionally early start to the hurricane season.

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