Russia fires Molotov cocktails at recruitment offices.  The Kremlin joins the arrested protesters: 'This is not illegal'

Among those who fled and those who took to the streets, there are also those who decided to adopt a more violent approach. The night after the president’s announcement Russian President Vladimir Putin subordinate Partial packing Of the reservists who will be sent to the Ukrainian front, several Employment offices and others Administrative were attacked. One of these is located in Nizhny Novgoroda town more than 400 km east of He flies. To report the news is the local newspaper,, which explains how after the fire experts found a broken window in the city’s recruitment office and shards of a glass bottle nearby. The same thing happened almost simultaneously a thousand kilometers to the west. offices Saint Petersburg It caught fire even if he wasn’t sure it caught fire in this case too Molotov cocktails. There are also confirmations of a third fire in the local administration building in Toliaty. local newspaper,, talks about the entrance to the building that was engulfed in flames and blames the Molotov cocktails. The interface of the same structure was already there stained with red paint. In any of these cases there is no mention of Victims or arrests. As I mentioned before Moscow TimesDozens of Russian cities have turned into protest theaters, including violent protests, against Putin’s orders. There are those who say how they are at least 1400 The protesters were arrested. To these, if men, come System project notification Right inside the police station. A practice denounced by various international media, such as BBCbut a Kremlin spokesman, Dmitriy PeskovIt claims to be legal. The goal set by the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu remains to be recruited 300 thousand soldiers, or 1% of Russia’s 25 million reserve soldiers. However, according to some human rights lawyers, the published decree is so vague that it does not rule out the possibility of eventually sending men to the front. It will be more than advertised.

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