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Kim Yo Jong, the powerful sister of Pyongyang’s dictator, has repeated the South Korean president’s proposal to abandon the nuclear program in exchange for humanitarian aid.

Abandon the atomic program in exchange for humanitarian aid? “The height of absurdity,” according to Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Very impressive in Pyongyang.

The proposal was made on Wednesday by South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol: Seoul will be ready to guarantee food and energy supplies, As well as helping build North Korea’s infrastructure As long as the latter stops its efforts to expand its nuclear arsenal. He demanded the reopening of dialogue between the two sides, and promised that any help would arrive even before the official shutdown of the nuclear program, on the condition that Pyongyang showed “firm commitment” to the path of denuclearization.

Kim Yo-jong sent the proposal to the dispatcher: “The South Korean president can stop dreaming in vain,” Kim’s sister told the official news agency, which He then defined Yoon Suk-yeol’s words as ‘stupid as an attempt to drain the ocean into a mulberry field’. Nobody trades their fate for cornbread. Yoon is simple and still childish. I am quiet “. Pyongyang has no intention of giving up nuclear warheads, nor is it willing to include the issue in any diplomatic talks. Seoul, through Unification Minister Kwon Young-se, expressed “deep regret” for Kim Yo Jong’s words, which were described as “rude and disrespectful.”

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Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence While the South Korean president spoke to the press on Wednesday, Pyongyang launched two cruise missiles into the Yellow Sea. This is the most provocative military action since North Korea launched eight missiles toward the Sea of ​​Japan in early June.

In recent weeks, military exercises have stopped, possibly because
The wave of the pandemic that hit the country
to me
His sister even admitted Kim Jong-un was ill. Just last week, she herself brought the first direct accusation against Yoon Seok Yeol, who was elected president last May: Kim Yo Jong Seol accused of sending the COVID virus Inside North Korea’s borders by balloon flyers

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