Chris Paul 14 janvier 2022

We had been looking forward to it since the day before yesterday. When we found a piece in his right hand, we saw him fleeing at a press conference. So the news fell just minutes before the start of the All-Star Game: Chris Paul will miss two months of competition due to a fracture in his right thumb and will be re-evaluated shortly before the playoffs. Oops.

The gods of basketball will never leave him alone. Thigh when there is no foot, thumb when there is no hand. Chris Pauline’s hands and / or fingers have already crossed the pool table four times, so this time the right thumb was taken following a shock with Rockets player Jay Sean Tate. The weekend could have ended happily with Kobe & Gigi Bryant receiving the first WNBA award, highlighting the world’s mission to women’s basketball.But Chris Paul will be Chris Paul and Chris Paul in the spring, and sometimes it squeaks.

With six to eight weeks in Deco, the Suns are comfortably established at the top of the league, so that news is not currently “dramatic” and they need to get up early anyway to get to the top of the league anyway. West and their first place, but An absence and injury that raises the question of what will happen next for PhoenixThis is true with an all-time player, but a player will be injured throughout his life and sometimes at key stages of a season.

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In word and deed the Suns leader, still with nearly 37 brushes on the league’s top point guard platform and has sometimes been named a potential candidate in the race for the MVP trophy this season (he’s permanently out of contention), so Chris Paul can not stop until April but above all he has a mentor, a captain Sons leaves orphans. With three solid and complementary leaders, Cameron Payne, Elfriede Baton and Aaron Holiday, the store can hold up to the Suns playoffs., The point is that even if they do not have a third of God’s ability. We are the best in the league (10.7 caviar per game), talking about attacking genius and defensive injury, it affects you as much as the referees and opponents’ morale, but clearly we are mainly talking about the fact that a player’s light only sometimes seems to elevate his teammates Devin Booker, so he Recovers 100% keys from Phoenix truck, with young Michael Bridges, Deandre Ayden and Cam Johnson being lieutenants.

Summary? The Suns have a way of retaining their first place in the West (6.5 wins over the Warriors and ten wins over the leader in the East) but will live on in the coming weeks with the pain of a bad news in the next update. If the suns move forward fearlessly until March without their commander, it makes no sense now to imagine running into a ring without Chris Paul in April.


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