After 2: 3 in two promotional matches in the western part of the region between Brusen Munster and Road-Weiss Essen, when evaluating the game, at least there were no two opinions on the part of the domestic team.

Prussian attacking man Thorben Tieders take a 2-0 lead against Essen.

Prussian attacking man Thorben Tieders take a 2-0 lead against Essen.
Imego Images / Team2

“Just stupid,” midfielder Joshua Holdby said on “nullsechs.TV” after the game, which appeared to leave Munster Stadium as the winner at least 45 minutes later. Thorbe Tiders scored twice for his new club, Prussia played “a good first half”, coach Sasha Hildman explained, and his team “really controlled everything”. However, after 90 minutes, it was 2: 3 in the home team’s view.

“It’s horrible,” Doblebaker said, giving an insight into his emotional life, “incredibly bitter.” The safe front was gambled, and the Ditters said for a reason: “We get the goal straight in the second half. Essen put it on the cards.” Hildman insisted they “strengthened the opponent”, but he also did not like his team’s defensive behavior: “We have not defended it well yet.”

We kept it on our plate. However, a game can last more than 45 minutes.

Holtby also saw it this way: “On the way we get 2: 2, we’re simply not awake. At 2: 3, we’re asleep.” Hildman also annoyed referee Timo Kensloit, who showed a red card to the Prussian coach. “For the last ten minutes the referee lost the thread and whistled the most confusing things. He should impose a fine on us.” But he didn’t do so, so he left Munster Stadium as the loser for the first time this season.

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The recipe of the selectors for the next game

“We kept it on our plate. A game would last more than 45 minutes,” Hildman explained, with his vision “going forward again tomorrow.” On Saturday, SV Streilan, who got off to a good start with ten points from six games, is waiting for SCP. Recipe after 2: 3? “Start with good performance and make the result more positive. This way you can quickly forget the most bitter failure,” Deaters said. He may have disappeared because after his two goals, the attacker with a thigh injury had to leave the field after 36 minutes.


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