Philips OLED986 and OLED936: The best new TVs

Something is still going on – it was evident when Philips introduced a whole line of new TVs at the beginning of this year. Now the cat is out of the bag: with two new models, the manufacturer is competing in favor of discerning customers. Number one is the Philips OLED936. It differs from the cheaper OLED806 sister model by the speakers from the English hi-fi manufacturer B&W, which are flanged at the bottom. It also has two facing up speakers for surround sound including Dolby Atmos. The predecessor OLED935 was already able to shine, and the new version is supposed to provide more accurate sound with more solid speaker diaphragms. In addition, Philips promises enhanced artificial intelligence to improve image and increase brightness, as achieved by top models from LG (OLED Evo), Panasonic (Master Panel) and Sony (XR OLED Pro), each with different technical parameters. Good for gamers: The four HDMI connections now also handle variable frame rates up to 120Hz (HDMI 2.1). In addition to image sizes 55 inches and 65 inches (140 and 164 cm), Philips offers a 48-inch OLED936 monitor with a screen diagonal of 121 cm.
The second top model is the Philips OLED986. It’s only available in one 65-inch size; The scope of delivery includes a stand for free placement in the room. Here, too, come the B&W woofers, but they’re bigger and ditch the top-facing surround speakers. But Philips promises the “most advanced audio” of all TVs. The rest of the data is similar to that of the OLED936, including a brighter OLED display and HDMI inputs for 4K up to 120Hz. And of course: the best models come with the typical Philips Ambilight. Four LED strips on the top, bottom, right and left at the back of the TV illuminate the wall behind the TV in color to match the current TV picture – a unique selling point for Philips TVs that’s still worth a look.
The best new models from Philips are supposed to go on sale in October. Recommended Retail Prices:
65OLED986 – 4,300 EUR
65OLED936 – 3.900 EUR
55OLED936 – 2.800 EUR
48OLED936 – 2,300 EUR
This means that starting prices are in the same area as those of the Panasonic JZW2004, a higher-end TV that also comes with above-average speakers.


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