Closed beta starts tomorrow

From October 28, the time has finally come and the strategic title Age of Empires 4, which fans have been eagerly waiting for, will be released. Until you have the title in your hands, Microsoft and Relic Entertainment want to give you some additional opportunities to test the title in advance and improve it with your feedback. The first closed beta for this purpose begins tomorrow.

Extremely narrow time frame and special case

If you have not already received an invitation, you will unfortunately have to wait for the next opportunity. because only, who registered by August 4 at 2 a.m., can also participate in the trial version. Since the beta was not announced until August 3, the time window for registration was more than small.

In addition, there is a special requirement: you must have one Member of Age of Empires Insider Being. Only those who are registered there get a chance in one of the closed beta versions. If you’d rather do without it, rest assured: the open beta should also follow. Regardless of whether you participate yourself or prefer to wait for the final game, these testing stages are a great thing, so players can use feedback to note any weaknesses in the title before launch.

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About upcoming beta versions and interesting offer

However, if you want to participate in one of the upcoming closed betas, you must register as an internal user now and definitely Age of Empires home page Keep in mind. Based on this announcement, the next announcements for beta versions should be very short-lived and easy to miss. If this is too much of a hassle for you or if you fail to score in time for the next few chances – rejoice! It won’t be long before Age of Empires releases on October 28.

Until then, you can improve your time with computer games. The subscription, either online or in print, is currently on offer with a cool title as an impression. In addition to Deathloop, FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042, you can also choose from Age of Empires 4. The full list of games that you can choose as a subscription bonus, It can be found directly on Gamesplanet.

these: age of empires (1)And age of empires (2)

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