The Girondins dominated to snatch a tie against Rennes (1-1)

Benoit Costell held the match with great difficulty, and Bordelet managed to respond again in the final quarter of the hour to equalize and take a point.

NSBecome a brand. Like Wednesday against Montpellier (3-3), almost as with Lens two weeks ago (2-3), Girondins showed their character by going to snatch a last-minute equalizer against Rennes on Sunday (1-1). This is unexpected if we consider the number of opportunities missed by the 75-minute tyrant Britons who faced Benoit Costell’s party. It was formerly broken Reines Edson who finally answered the former Bordelais Gaitan Laborde to make a point for his side, who remain unsuccessful this season at home.

As is so often the case this season with the Girondins, Bordeaux – Rennes has been very open. As is so often the case this season, Bordelais have also been struggling defensively. After a spirited first minutes, with Dilrosun particularly active, only the greed of Breton’s strikers and Benoît Costil’s agility kept them in the first half which was largely dominated by Rennes (64% possession, 8 shots in 2).

The Bordeaux goalkeeper, after taking hits from Martin (seventh) and Traore (tenth), prepared to recover with the right foot of Laborde alone in the penalty kick (20), refusing to dribble Solimana who was wide open in front of the goal. His (27) swerved and titled Deviation from… Mixer on a cross from Traoré (40). We succeeded. Outnumbered in the heart of the match by Breton’s 4-4-2 comeback out of midfield (Sullimana and Burigaud), overwhelmed by Traore’s rise (especially) on the right and Melling on the left, Vladimir Petkovic’s men also sometimes strained the baton with an easy ball loss (Adli) or Very light in duels (Frangio).

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Laboard, obviously

Against Lens of the week, but without the need for a change this time, Bordelli rose to the top after returning from the locker room with a team block that finally managed to defend by stepping up and Adly regained his influence in the game forward. The Parisian youth (healing the knee from the middle of Delrosson) and especially Pembele forced Gomis to take his shot over the bar (51) in Bordelli’s first real chances. This is where the penalty fell: After Traore deposited Mangas for the umpteenth time, the Malian this time deposited a cross on Labard who scored in the empty net despite Mixer’s interference (0-1, 56). Montois’ third goal in 6 games against his coaching club, which is already his fifth this season.

Winning changes

Bordelais got used to responding, immediately tried with a series of corners. But it was Costel who reappeared after the Sullimana festival and Melling’s attack (62), then Beregud missed the frame in a perfect setting (64). Moving to 4-4-2 with Kalu, Oudin and Mara entries for Dilrosun, Pembélé and Otavio, Petkovic played all he had. And… Costel again starred in a hit from Terrier (75).

With the adventurous Calo, pressing upwards with a fiery southern turn, Girondin saw their chance come with a huge mistake from Santamaria, as he lost complete control of the axle and cut off the Mara. But Adly took his free kick at 20 yards. But thanks to the push and shove of the British, the Bordelli was rewarded. In a corner kick and a stampede, Hwang Mixer served who, entering the area, scored his first goal with Girondins (1-1, 90).

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Against Lens, after coming back to the score in the final, it took a while for things to change again. But Bourigeaud, served in the pull by Meling, missed the frame. Phew…


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