Gf Vip, Ginevra Lamborghini in tears after confession on Elettra: Here's why

crisis moment Geneva Lamborghini. Just out of recognition of the house Gf VIPElectra’s sister started crying desperately. To calm her down he came right away Giovanni Ciacci She tries to calm her down while she cries. In the last episode, Jennifera is warned by her sister’s lawyer, Eletra, so she can’t talk about his relationship with her. Apparently, despite the warning, she was asked to talk more about her relationship with Eletra whom she hasn’t spoken to since 2019. And of course, the controversy went crazy on social media.

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While Jennifer was crying, some noticed that the girl spoke a few words about her sister, Electra. Geneva would have said, “I have hope now and then.” However, the people of the Web decided that the girl should calmly continue her path without being conditioned by anything.


Gf Vip fans wondered why the relationship between Ginevra and her sister, Elettra Lamborghini, broke off. Enter Gielle de Donna served to do it clarity. In fact, she herself spoke to Sarah Manfuso and told Elinowire Firuzi what really happened and why Eletra doesn’t want to reconnect with her sister: “She says and doesn’t tell, first she says she doesn’t know the reasons for her shutdown and then he says he did little things to her. I mean, if you take your sister and you throw feces From the window that’s one thing, but if I do heavy things to her, it is natural that one will shut us down at the end. She wants to be kind and humble but she is not.”

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the details

Gayel then added that Jennifera would envy her sister’s success: “Genevera wants to put herself in the center of attention, she’s lived for many years in the shadow of Eletra and now she’s trying to copy. But, love, the copies will never be original! It’s clear he makes an effort. The way you speak In her she sounds like Electra, the way she talks sounds like Electra, and the way she sings.. a lot, come on. Everyone has to create an identity!”

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