It's the place most polluted by cell phones in the entire world, and the discovery is shivers-inducing

The huge amount of waste caused by mobile phones has made this the most polluted place in the world: studies are shocking.

The huge accumulation of mobile phones has made the place unlivable: this is the place (

Making an accurate count of how many cell phones there are in the world today is not easy. Latest studies talked about more than 7 billion smartphones across the planet: A number that now attests to the fact that the use of phones includes all ages. However, this massive proliferation of mobile phones also raises a lot of concern about the environmental impact of all these devices. Research conducted by Deloitte two years ago revealed that smartphones (at the time estimated at around 5 billion worldwide) generated around 150 million greenhouse gases.

A huge mobile phone landfill is located in Ghana

Unfortunately, there are places where the infection rate is higher than other places. As highlighted by, which always addresses issues related to the environment and planetary protection, The most polluted place in the whole world is in Ghana.

Giant e-waste dump in Agbogbloshie – Photo by ANSA (

We're talking about Agbogbloshie, on the outskirts of Accra, Electronic waste has now reached a frightening level. Although the alarm was raised several years ago, electronic waste of all kinds continues to accumulate in Agbogbloshie: from televisions to personal computers, through household appliances and of course smartphones.

But why was this open-air dumpsite created on the outskirts of Accra, and above all, why can't it be remedied? The explanation is very simple: To get rid of this avalanche of devices, it is necessary to spend a very high costBecause these devices contain chemicals with a high degree of toxicity.

That is why everyone knows that there is this increasingly unsustainable situation in Agbogbloshie, but no one is doing anything to solve it. Young people often go to this huge landfill to get metal from disassembled devices.

Workers die of cancer at only 20 years of age

As we can easily imagine, the presence of this huge landfill is a factor that causes very serious diseases: as Greenmey says, many workers become ill and fall ill. They often die of cancer around the age of 20.

However, recently many studies have been conducted on the extent of inadequate e-waste management. Not just in Accra: just think that they are constantly landing at the port of Lagos, Nigeria Tens of thousands of personal computers are now unused.

Every month, a volume of electronic waste equivalent to about 100,000 computers enters Lagos, according to the Environmental Health Perspectives study.

That's why the advice is always there Don't change your phone constantlyEspecially if the smartphone is still able to provide acceptable performance. When a device does need to be disposed of, be sure to dispose of it in the correct way, i.e. in recycling bins.

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